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We are a leading volunteer-based, non-profit organisation, dedicated to reducing waste in our communities and the world via beach & street clean-ups, waste campaigns, and education.

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The induvidual pieces of rubbish don't annoy me too much, it's more the attitude of how we've let it get to this situation. Most rubbish is there by choice, it didn't just get there by accident. When we look at it on a micro-level, we can all change the world everyday - but sometimes we don't appreciate that. I started Mundo Limpio to help change and educate others to make these small world-changing decisions everyday.

Michael Hill
Founder of Mundo Limpio

Established since 2019

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We are dedicated to reducing litter pollution within our communities and the world in general. We do this via beach & street clean-ups, waste campaigns and educating each other.  Litter pollution is largely an end user problem, so by raising awareness of what we find, we believe that we increase community consciousness when they may be guilty of dropping “just one” piece of litter but also by encouraging other people to pick “one piece” up. After all, who doesn’t want to walk and play in a clean & safer environment? We also contribute to society in many other positive ways, we help to connect people within communities during our litter picks whilst providing a positive purpose,  a stigma free atmosphere & discrete exercise.  In the future we want to provide organisations & consumers with lower waste alternatives.

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Mike, our founder, recently gave an interview on BBC Solent over lockdown to share how exactly the group started, and how we are making a huge impact on the local community (and the world!). You can watch a snippet of the interview here!

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There’s so many ways you can help support our global #garbagegang mission. Here’s a few key ways you can start doing something, today!

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Mundo Limpio is Spanish for the term “Clean world”.

Everyone can volunteer and join in. We have volunteers ages ranging from 4 to 70+. We also have a few pets that join us sometimes!

We usually post litter pick locations in the volunteer group on Facebook, to gather an idea of number of volunteers that are available for the picks. Once we have a date, location, and time confirmed, we meet at the meeting location, hand out the picking gear and bags, and get on with it!

You can join the Facebook volunteer group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/318248485872569

Yes, as long as we have enough to go around! We have a handful of litter pickers and bags available to provide to our volunteers. We encourage our volunteers to purchase their own picks, so that they don’t have to always rely on us to get out there and save the planet!

We’re mainly based in Southampton, but pick in and around the surrounding areas.

They’re organised on an ad-hoc basis. Usually we do litter picks at the weekends, but sometimes we do weekday picks, depending on volunteer availability. Our picks are also usually weather dependant, as we don’t want any of our volunteers getting cold in the rain!

Not at all. You can complete litter picks on your own, or with your own friends/family, whenever works for you. Just tell us when you plan to go, or post in the group! Your picking contributions can always be considered as part and parcel of being a volunteer at Mundo Limpio.

Want to submit your own photo & location pin? We welcome submissions!

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This map represents all of the places in the world where we have made an impact. Although our group is UK-based, our volunteer reach is far and wide which means that we have inspired many people from around the world to get involved with our initiatives. That’s why we’ve taken the time to document everywhere we’ve made an impact on a map, and we are constantly surprised and thrilled by our global reach.

If you’re based outside of the UK, or far away from the south coast of England, don’t worry – You can still get involved in all of our #garbagegang initatives. Just contact us for more info!

Mundo Limpio

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